Hand-picked, Hand Crafted custom lures and tackle!

Seasons Tackle seeks out the best men and women in the industry who paint, pour and design fishing lures and tackle. We have spent many months seeking out the best of the best to fill our boxes. Seasons Tackle takes pride in supporting the small business USA by using lure crafters that work in their small shops and homes. By ordering Seasons Tackle, you help support over 40 different small businesses, and we are growing that number daily. Order just once, monthly, or give as a gift.

Our Season's Calendar

Winter/Ice Season

(November - February)

Spring Season

(March - May)

Summer Season

(June - August)

Seasons Tackle

Fall Season

(September - October)

One-time Orders

Our one-time box gives you a chance to sample the season.  Stock up before or during the season with our all custom lure boxes.  Get the hottest baits and colors before anyone else. We ship Monday through Friday with 2-day lead time from time of purchase.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly Subscriptions are shipped out the first week of each month. When you do your first order we will ship your first box within two business days from your order. All monthly billing is done on the first of the month. You can cancel any time before the first of each month.